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Finding your passion, that spark in life that gives you meaning and brings you joy can be challenging but it is possible. One door closing is just another door opening. Sometimes we get stuck at the door which can no longer be opened.  


Career Guidance is a process which aims to equip individuals with a clearer understanding of themselves and can support you to explore your  needs and make sense of the context in which a career decision is being made.



Career Guidance can support you with the following:

To reflect on and to make sense of your present circumstances within the context of your current occupation or educational situation.

To understand the different factors (family, peers, society, personal beliefs etc) influencing your career decision making.

To appreciate more realistically what you have to offer and can achieve, in terms of your transferable skills, lived experiences and so on.

To review and evaluate the options available to you and to identify preferred options which are in line with your interests, knowledge, skills, values and long term vision.

To formulate an action plan which will result in the achievement of your objectives.

The primary purpose of career guidance is to support you in your exploration of these complex issues, to make greater sense of your current situation and to build confidence in your ability to complete the review process and move forward from the point at which you seek guidance.


Having spent the majority of my career working with clients who have experienced homelessness, addiction, emotional trauma and other life stressors, I have learnt that only you can change your life. Find your path can make this journey that bit easier. 

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