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I am passionate about supporting clients as they move through the different stages of their career. Each career story is different, involves multiple stages and new challenges to be overcome. 


A successful career isn't just about achievements; it's about finding a path that fits your interests, values, and life stage.

When you truly understand your dominant career anchor, your interests, and the roles that matter most to you, you'll be empowered to make informed career decisions.

In my work with clients, I use a value-based approach to career coaching and personalise the service to match each client's specific needs and goals. My approach to career guidance and career coaching helps clients to build resilience, problem-solve and pursue their goals with confidence.

I have 15+ years working within the social care sector across a number of not for profit charities. Previous roles include residential childcare, addiction services, disability services, social housing and aftercare services. 

I have worked within a local employment service supporting long term unemployed individuals successfully return to education and the labour market. I understand the different challenges involved in accessing the SUSI grant and the Back to Education Allowance Payment. 

I've helped Leaving Certificate students navigate their CAO choices by understanding their interests and hobbies. I guide them towards courses that match their passions, drawing from my knowledge of the different Schools of Education, Health, Science, Humanities, Business, Engineering and Social Science. I help students to understand the differences between similar courses, helping them to make a more informed decision when choosing one course over another.

I previously worked on the CAO Helpline for Leaving Certificate Parents and Students with the National Parents Council. I have a solid understanding of deferring courses, deciding on your first-choice course, or waiting for a Round 2 offer. Additionally, I can guide you through the process of getting exams rechecked and explain what happens if an exam is rechecked.

I am currently working as a Careers Advisor to undergraduate and master level students within a Higher Education Institution. My role involves delivering career classes on a number of career development topics including creating an impactful CV, utilizing LinkedIn for networking, efficiently searching for jobs, and how to prepare for interviews.


I also collaborate with employers, hosting different employer-student engagement events on site. I work closely with employers and recruiters within the industries of AI, Data Analytics, Fintech, Accountancy and Finance to internships, work placements, and graduate programs for our students.

Featured in the Irish Times and contributed to a number of articles including:

Higher Options: hundreds of career options under one roof – The Irish Times

Can a postgrad boost your career prospects? – The Irish Times


Qualifications Include:

BA in Psychology

HDip in Applied Social Studies in Professional Social Care

MSc in Guidance Counselling

Certificate in Social Welfare Rights

Certificate in Psychometric Assessment Ability Testing (Brittish Psychological Society)


Currently studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education via Warrick University, UK.


Laura Walshe | LinkedIn

The Irish Times

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